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    We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their confidence in our work

    Our vision wouldn’t have become reality without the massive commitment and active participation from our sponsors and partners. As a result of their support we’re currently able to offer our facilities to equestrian friends from all corners of the planet.

    We would like to thank our generous sponsors for making this inaugural Sydney summit potential and for showing their dedication and support in redefining the worker experience and what it means to be happy at work. Please read below to find out more about our sponsor together with special offers.

    We Design  Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

    We’re a creative team of web designers, web developers and entrepreneurs working from Sydney who are very experienced in creating responsive WordPress websites. We craft unique and memorable user experiences that drive high quality traffic, convert more visitors into customers and engage your clients continually to drive more prospective earnings. We would like to partner with you to increase your web presence and internet business.

    About St.George Web Design

    We focus on responsive web design, WordPress web development, search engine optimization (search engine optimization ), branding, email marketing and social networking management. Located amidst enormous tech hubs such in Sydney enabled us to tap into top creative talent and keep abreast of the newest technologies. We’ve helped customers in education, hospitality, health care, professional services and technologies make a statement on the net. We’ve assembled a local group of experienced web designers, programmers, marketers, branding experts and SEO strategists to collaborate on our customer projects. We construct functional, beautiful responsive WordPress sites tailored to drive more traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

    St.George Web Design was founded in 2001 by Marcelo Soler to design sites and internet marketing solutions to grow companies online. Her business background, technical expertise, and creativity made the company one of the top web design companies in the Sydney metro area. Our job is to bring together topnotch technical and creative talent to supply results-driven websites for our customers.

    Let’s Work Together

    Starting a company is hard enough so let’s design and develop your site so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Sure, there are lots of DIY website builders out there, but they lack finesse and character. With over 12 years of experience, we can create a mobile-friendly WordPress site that fosters a special user experience to drive more efficiently visitors and convert more visitors into customers. Start getting results in the small business website now!

    We Design Sydney

    We’re a tiny seasoned group of Sydney web designers that ideas into amazing WordPress sites for internet businesses. We live, eat and breathe web design and digital marketing solutions for startups and small businesses. We’re enthusiastic about building brands on the internet and designing mobile-friendly sites that drive more traffic and convert more visitors into customers.

    Why Hire Us?

    We listen & do our homework

    We take the opportunity to become familiar with your company, brand, website targets, positioning and services or products. We thoroughly research your competitors, target market and business before concept development.

    Wonderful History

    We’ve worked with customers in many industries like health care, hospitality, real estate, professional services and engineering. We created more sales and leads for each custom responsive WordPress website we’ve redesigned. Do not take out word for it – check out our kick-ass web design portfolio!

    Creative & Technical

    We design websites that are creative and operational. Because we’re web designers in addition to web developers, we understand what works and what does not. We include user friendly features such as sticky navigation and animated blot interactions even if you don’t ask for them.

    Travel from Sydney to Connells-Point

    From Martin Place Station train to Hurstville Station, walk to Hurstville Station, Ormonde Pde, Stand H, then line 953 busses into Connells Point Rd Before Redin Pl.

    From Town Hall Station, Park St, Stand H-night bus to Hurstville Station, Ormonde Pde, Stand L, walk into Hurstville Station, Ormonde Pde, Stand H, then line 953 busses into Connells Point Rd Before Redin Pl.

    How long does it take to get from Sydney to Connells Point?

    The train from Martin Place Station to Oatley Station requires 35 minutes including transports and departs every 30 minutes.

    Is there a direct train between Sydney and Connells Point?

    Yes, there’s a direct train departing from Martin Place Station station and arriving at Oatley Station station. Services depart every 30 minutes and operate daily. The journey takes about 35 min.

    Is there a direct bus between Sydney and Connells Point?

    No, there’s absolutely no direct bus from Sydney channel to Connells Point. However, you will find solutions leaving from Town Hall Station, Park St, Stand H and coming at Connells Point Rd Before Redin Pl through Hurstville Station, Ormonde Pde, Stand H. The journey, including transports, takes about 1 h 15 min.