An interactive resource plotting
Australia’s disasters on the map


Interactive game where students
travel back in time to save Dingo Creek


As told by survivors and others involved
in some of our worst natural disasters

Disaster Resilience Education For Schools

For teachers and students, this toolkit of disaster resilience education resources focuses on both individual and community resilience, vital components to developing a shared understanding of the critical role everyone plays in developing a disaster resilient Australia.

Resources are designed to be flexible to individual learning styles and are aligned to curriculum.

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Gundagi Flood 1852

25 June
On 25 June 1852 the Murrumbidgee River at Gundagai experienced an extreme flood that swept through most of the town and the surrounding countryside, leaving only three houses standing. In total 89 people died which was approximately one third of the entire population. Gundagai was later relocated to a higher and safer position.

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